Brief News --- 2014 Chinese New Year Celebration and 2013 Par
    ACE group 2014 Chinese New Year celebration party was successfully held in South China Institute of Software Engineering College at 1:30pm of Jan 18th 2014.  The participants included Liu Yong(General Manager), Liu Hong(General Manager), Guo Tao(Vice GM), Lolian Lu(Project Director), Echo Pang(Design Director), Li Wu dan(Finance Director), Qiu Guo Biao(General Manager of Ding Wei company), Amy Zhang(GM assistant & HR/Admin Director) and other representatives from subsidiaries, outsourcing/material suppliers and a total of about 500 employees of ACE group.
    The event was proceeding along with continuous cheers and applauses starting with awards for staff having been working for 10-year service and the subsequent lucky draw. The party ended up with happiness and harmony for duration of 4 hours.
    Additionally, ACE offered a delicious dinner at Hong Li Harbor restaurant in return to employees’ hard work in the year.  Cash lucky draw became the most exciting event of the evening with applauses and happiness among the crowd.
    2013 had been passed and we are facing more challenges and opportunities in 2014.  All ACE employees are looking forward to a new year with full initiatives to reach the target of the company.
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