Design Centre

Creative Department

Being the core brain of the Design Department, the Creativity Team masterminds the conceptual frameworks of entire design direction for petroleum, automobile, retail chain, and financial institution projects, setting out strategic guidelines for customization of building different corporate brand images.  Among all the successful cases, the general interior design for dealer shop network for DF KIA, GA FIAT, and Cheely are those experience of enlightening value.  Since 2004, ACE has also been engaged to undertake the full implementation of the “CI/VI Standards and Specifications” for national-wide network of Sinopec, Petro-China, Petro-China BP, China Resources Petroleum, and Yali Petro-Chem.  In 2009, ACE completed the similar project for Sinopec BP and in 2010 Sinopec Shell, SinoChem Total, and China Aviation Fuel.  After 10 years of solid experience, ACE is now the leading expert of CI/VI standards for petroleum sector.   

Structures Division

Structural standards, efficiency and safety play a paramount role on warranting product quality and at the same time design originality.  Unlike creative design, structural professional needs to be vested with extensive experience and tenure in order to be able to make best judgments, judgments that could end up being disastrous if erroneous. Composing of more than 30 exceptional staff, the Structural Team has proven to be one of the most respected groups in the industry.   

R & D

Creativity and structural improvements could become limited if research & development is weak or lagging.  ACE pays high attention to building a strong and technologically prevailing R&D team.  Staffed with over 10 committed technicians, the R&D team is an independent centre whose funds are approved directly by ACE’s board of directors on an annual basis, so as to ensure its approved experimental projects are properly executed without financial distress.  The team members are required on a rotation basis to travel abroad, mainly Europe and United States and lately Middle East, to acquire state-of-art technologies and latest design of products in the industry.  ACE maintains a very strong tie with some of the leading international sign providers from whom we benefit tremendously from exchange of ideas and technical transfer. 
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